Love Your Curves

Love Your Curves


At DailyJocks, we love that our community tells us what they want. That’s been the biggest driver behind many of our most popular styles - from sportswear like our gym shorts that hug in all the right places, to fetish wear like our harnesses designed with trans bodies in mind. 

One of of the biggest and most important recent changes for DailyJocks is our shift towards offering a broader size range, so that we can ensure EVERYbody can come to us to find underwear, swimwear and partywear that makes them look and feel their best. This is because our sizes don’t just get bigger and smaller - they modify in fit to celebrate and flatter accordingly.

By the end of 2022 DailyJocks hopes to be able to offer every style in XS to XXL.

We chatted to our campaign star Ryan about what he wants to see more of when it comes to expanding his wardrobe - and he shared some great tips for loving the skin you’re in along the way.

DailyJocks: One of the key elements of the DailyJocks relaunch is having a broader size range in every style. What’s been missing from your wardrobe? Or is there anything you’re particularly excited for? 

Ryan: I definitely need a good pair of swimmers in bright colours. I love vibrant patterns, but in the past, the designs I’ve wanted were not offered in my size. I love that now I can walk into a DailyJocks and pick out some new swim-shorts or trunks. You could say I'm excited for the next pool-party or beach day where I can show off my thighs!

DailyJocks: You’re really proud of your curves. Has this always been the case, or has it been a journey?

Like many others, my weight has been up and down. Each time my weight would shift, I felt like I was learning to love my body all over again. I would discover something new that I liked, and learn to accept what I didn't. 

After some time, I realised that accepting my body in all its shapes and curves and edges is far more rewarding. I'm proud of my body naturally - and with the work I put into it.

DailyJocks: What advice do you have for someone who is at the beginning of that journey toward self-acceptance? 

Begin again when you wake up each day. Being kind to yourself can be a daily effort.

DailyJocks: When we chatted on set while shooting the campaign, you mentioned your superpower is your connection with your friends and family. What are the ways in which this comes to life for you? 

My friends lift me up and I lift them up. Especially during the last few years, everyone I knew seemed to have had a rough time. Recently some of my closest relationships have transitioned to long-distance friendships, but have stayed just as strong. We make time for each other in whatever way possible.

I wouldn't say it's the sort of superpower that people can see, but it is the kind that charges me up and makes me feel invincible.

DailyJocks: What advice do you have for someone who feels like their life is lacking connection? 

Big friendships grow from small gestures.

We are adding to our style and size offering weekly… Check out the DailyJocks underwear, fetish, party, sport and swimwear collections.

DailyJocks acknowledges the Gadigal people of the Eora nation and the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation on whose lands we operate. We pay our respects to their Elders past and present.