Classic Boxer - STP/Packing
Classic Boxer - STP/Packing
Classic Boxer - STP/Packing
Classic Boxer - STP/Packing
Classic Boxer - STP/Packing


Classic Boxer - STP/Packing

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The best-selling TRUHK boxers now with a front panel side opening!

Take the guesswork out of matching your STP and packers with underwear. TRUHKS are designed to mix and match with ease.

Based on traditional men's sizing, these super soft bamboo underwear are stretchy and comfortable. The TRUHK Classic Boxer STP/Packing Underwear has a unique 3 layer pocket to securely hold your STP/soft packer in place. 

Layer 1 (Interior pocket):  Securely tuck in your STP/packer. 
Layer 2 (Center panel):  O-opening to pull the shaft through and keep your STP/packer from turning. 
Layer 3 (Exterior pocket):  The contour pouch has room to tuck the shaft giving a natural hang.  This side opening on the front pouch gives you easy access when nature calls.

Please note: O-ring is not included in underwear

95% bamboo, 5% spandex