Jock Harness


Jock Harness

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Designed for those wanting minimal coverage, the new Jock Harness features a supportive waistband, super soft satin leg bands and breathable cotton and mesh fabrics.

The Jock Harness has a sewn in 1.65" diameter O-ring and includes a specially designed Neoprene Stabiliser for extra support and/or to use with smaller diameter dildos.


  • 1.65” O-ring / 1.75” Band.
  • Double lock stitching and multi-layer fabrics for strength.
  • Reinforced front pattern for control.
  • Unisex.

  • Harness Fit: RodeoH harnesses are designed to fit snug and are made of a heavier weight cotton than regular underwear (less stretchy). Like a traditional strap-on, the waistband should fit firmly to support the weight of the dildo without being uncomfortable. We recommend this harness with a dildo that has a diameter of 1.65" or less.

    95% cotton, 5% spandex